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But that is not the case, as both of the two major markets are still deriving benefits and capitalising on their mutual competition. The manufacturing purchasing managers index PMI for the Eurozone, which is an important indicator of the Old World's business activity, came forex news for euro us dollar at This is only two-tenths of a point below the April's record preliminary estimate for April, which was later lowered to a value of However, the figures for May are now final, and so the data on the recovery pace of the industrial sector broke the previous peak of the decade and also for the whole period of PMI observations.

Its own absolute record for this indicator was also set in Italy at Nevertheless, the overall take-away from those PMI releases was so favourable that the Euro Stoxx 50 composite stock index quickly soared to its all-time record within the area of 4, points.

Even the French CAC 40 followed the good example performing a similar feat to clear the next height above 6, points.

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A similar manufacturing PMI by Markit was released there at And, a similar output was obtained for the U. Institute of Supply Management ISM manufacturing index but it included some weaker employment component at It's not exactly a big mess for the Forex market but some volatile distortion of the idyllic upside rally for the single currency may occur.

Regardless of the right name of the market process, it is clearly caused by a competition between the U. Some investors prefer to still choose undervalued European stock assets, as Europe seems to have just revved into gear after long-lasted lockdowns. But others continue to bet on the already much stronger U.

The Non-Farm Payrolls report from the United States, which is going to be released on Friday, and before that, the PMI business activity forex news for euro us dollar in the service sectors of both continents on Thursday, will probably significantly contribute to this investment tug-of-war and, therefore, the currency and stock market volatility before the end of this week.

Remarkably higher yields of the U. Treasury bonds, which are not jumping any more for now, but are still at 1.

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The safe bond market is not too much in demand now when stock markets deliver a super growth and may continue to support even more profits in the nearest summer months after the very positive close of May. And it's difficult to imagine the U. Dollar as a traditional safe-haven currency in a role of market favourite until the stock indexes will reach some intermediary height to convert the upside movement into a flat form of correction, at least. But bonds continue to attract some part of capital anyway, and the holders may choose a geographic preference for their money on a day-to-day basis.

Meanwhile, a tug-of-war between the U. The growth of indexes on one side creates investment jealousy and naturally pushes competitive flow of greedy money to the other side, with a rapper kereskedő kereskedelmi szabálya of just not to miss another round of investment opportunities.

Nevertheless, the process also works for the sake of both American and European recovery to the pre-crisis levels of consumption and welfare.

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